Digital Media Channels

Popular Digital Media Channels

Some facts that you should know about the most popular digital media channels:


Facebook is a great social outlet with over 1.3 billion users connected to an average of 130 friends. This tool has become the word of mouth that we used to have in our daily conversations. With a new lifestyle and the population moving constantly, this media keep us together even being hundreds of miles away. Everything we share is exposed to at least 100 users and who knows the final total reach. Time matters, once you know when your audience checks in, you can get them right on time during the 18 minutes average time they spend per visit.



Twitter is a great news outlet. If you want to announce something to the world this is the best tool for it. With more than 560 million accounts and over 200 million monthly users, Twitter keeps our conversation short, say what you want in only 140 characters. An average user has 208 followers. Users are sending out 5,700 Tweets per second, an average of 500 million Tweets per day and about half of Twitter users connect daily. The average time a user spends each day is 29 minutes, and at least 29% of Twitter users are active several times a day.

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Google+ pages have a direct effect with your search, maps, and local results in Google. With more than 1 billion accounts and over 360 million monthly users, the 22% of online adults visit Google+ at least once in a month. The average time users spent is 7 minutes per month.

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LinkedIn is great network tool for B2B and individuals. With more than 277 million users, each of them has an average of +500 connections. This channel is replacing the resume with a professional profile.

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Pinterest is the new girly do it yourself world. If you want to outreach women this is the place to be. With more than 70 million users, 80% are women and they generate around 92% of all “pins”. This channel is all about illustrations, becoming our new online magazine.

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YouTube is our new on demand TV, you see what you want anytime you want and best of all it is FREE. It is great for brand awareness. With more than 1 billion users each month around the world, this channel provides tutorials that can help you create or fix almost everything. Users upload over 100 video hours per minute. This powerful channel has over 4 billion views per day.

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