Marketing Tactics Graphic

Learn How to Outline Your Marketing Tactics

Outlining your marketing tactics is key to the success of any marketing plan.Marketing Tactics

First, you need to define your product or service goals. Begin by asking yourself who may need your product or service, what needs will be fulfilled, where you fit into the competitive landscape, and what are your main objectives. Then define your promotion strategies. All of them need to be in sync with your product or service goals.

Then outline your marketing tactics:

  1. How to reach your customers? Define your distribution channel: physical location, online store, telemarketing or just face-to-face. You need to define how you would like to find and engage with your prospects.
  2. Establish your brand online and offline.
  3. Create your social media presence, blog, fan pages, corporate pages, video channel, and corporate profile among others.
  4. Develop a digital content marketing strategy including full content calendar (see example below).
  5. Let the world know about your product or service with Blog Posts, Press Releases, Digital, and Offline Advertising campaigns.

Below an example of a content calendar strategies including important dates, specific content, and distribution method.


Outlining your marketing tactics will help keep track your marketing efforts. This way you can measure and tune your strategies according to your goals.