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¿Cómo Actuaría Santa Teresa En Tiempos De Pandemia?

Por Ayleen López Me pregunto ¿Cómo actuaría Santa Teresa en estos tiempos de pandemia? Con tantas personas sufriendo por una enfermedad que apenas conocemos y que afecta al mundo entero. El COVID-19 ha eliminado casi 500,000 personas, de un total de 7.8 billones que componen la población mundial. Nuestro mundo enfrenta un gran reto de […]

Outreach Hispanics Using Digital Media

According to a 2012 Nielsen report, “Hispanics are the fastest growing ethnic segment, expected to grow 167 percent from 2010 to 2050, compared to 42 percent for the US total population.” The report also found that Hispanics “will be the dominant and in many cases the only driver of domestic CPG sales growth.” The Hispanic […]

FREE Publicity In Digital Media

According to Wikipedia, publicity is the movement of information with the effect of increasing public awareness of a subject. The first step is sharing your content with family and friends; they will help you spread the word at no cost. Then, take advantage of the opportunities available in traditional forms of media, such as TV, […]

Learn How to Outline Your Marketing Tactics

Outlining your marketing tactics is key to the success of any marketing plan. First, you need to define your product or service goals. Begin by asking yourself who may need your product or service, what needs will be fulfilled, where you fit into the competitive landscape, and what are your main objectives. Then define your […]

Popular Digital Media Channels

Some facts that you should know about the most popular digital media channels: Facebook Facebook is a great social outlet with over 1.3 billion users connected to an average of 130 friends. This tool has become the word of mouth that we used to have in our daily conversations. With a new lifestyle and the […]

How Google Search Works

Google search is the dominant search engine on the Internet, with more than 3 billion searches each day. It is very important to have your business information accurate in Google’s search engine. Google Search takes web pages information and translates them in to search results. Following is a summary of the Google search process with […]

Content Marketing Benefits

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of media and information in order to acquire customers. The intention is communicate valuable information with customers and prospects. The content should provide information that consumers seek, is trustworthy, and is associated with your brand or business. Now consumers have the power to skip ads more than ever. They […]

12 Key On-Page SEO Factors

On-Page Search Engine Optimization help search engines and users find your content on the Internet. Some factors that optimize on-page SEO are keywords, headline tags, page’s URLs, loading speed, post length, and social sharing buttons. Below great Infographic design by BACKLINKO.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is the largest wilderness area in Texas with nearly 47,000 acres. The mountains were formed from an ancient marine fossil reef, formed around 260-270 million years ago. The summit of Guadalupe peak is 8,749-foot tall, the highest in Texas. The Park is located in west Texas on US 62/180 road. I […]